With calculations you can implement complex pricing structures with no need for programming. Depending on the pricing logic of your products you see if price matrices, formulas, static answer prices or a combination of all of them is most suitable.

Calculations are also used for dynamic weight calculation of answers and for dynamic validation of customer entries in questions.

You can add and set calculation for each question or answer in the section Calculations and you can display a list of all calculations with the link Calculations in the side menu.

There are different types of calculations that you can use as you see fit for your application:

Matrix is a classic price table and useful for calculating a price that depends on the combination of two customer choices.

Formula enables you to create formulas with customer entries custom field data of selected answers. It also enables you to incorporate results of other calculations.

Code is a text-based tool that enables you to create formulas that the editor cannot create. It is a tool that is tough to learn and manage, but may help you to push the envelope when you need it.