Compatibility rules

With compatibility rules you can hide and show questions (or answers) depending on what the customer has already selected.

You add rules to questions and answers. In these you set conditions that must be fulfilled before the question/answer becomes visible to the customer. The system evaluates the conditions each time the customer makes a selection.

You also choose the behaviour of your questions/answers in various situations. You choose if questions/ answers should be hidden or greyed out while the conditions don't apply. And you choose what happens before a question/answer appears or disappears (should a default value be set, should the next nearest alternative be selected, should the customer need to confirm the automatic change).


You can set conditions that must be met before question can be asked by clicking → “Change” in the Question window under “Rule”.

You set the conditions in your rules with a visual drag and drop editor.


Rule editor steps on example when we are setting rule that Question 3 can be shown only if in Question 1 answer “is or above 5” and in Question 2 answer is option B.

  1. choose the question on the lower left side and all related answers - conditions regarding that question will be visible on the right side

  2. choose conditions and drag it to rule area on top left corner

  3. edit conditions if needed as most of them have settings and can be changed → look for bold “is” and you can click on it and choose the right condition.


4. if conditions should be combined, choose and drag combinators “AND” or “OR” and repeat rule editor steps from 1 to 3.

5. In order to combine conditions as one (to improve clarity on precedence in processing the logic) click → “Put in Parentheses” and choose conditions and they will be marked with yellow frame.


This is how our rules will look like for example mentioned above.

→ And this is how it will look like in Frontend - as soon both conditions are met the Question 3 will be visible.

Example as a video:



Instead of hiding you can also gray-out questions and answers. And you can ask the customer before something gets deselected.

The settings for that are called 'What to do while the question is disabled' and 'What happens, when the system changes the selection'.