Product Listings

Product listings are used to display products together as overview pages of categories or assortment groups (like household goods, power tools or accessories). Each product can be assigned to one ore multiple listings.

To add a listing, go to “Product listings” and click → “Add”. Set a name and save. Here is also possible to edit, copy and remove a listing. Also possible to set a listing inactive if needed.

Example: we are creating two Product listings: Demo list and Demo list 2.

Next step is to create a menu item - so this Product listing is visible in ConfigBox.

Example - we are creating “Demo list 3” and we are adding this to the existing Product Listings via “add” function.

To create a Menu item for product listing go to the Joomla main menu, go to ‘Menus’, hover over your main menu and click on ‘Add Menu Item’.

Pick a menu title for the menu item and in the form control ‘Menu Item Type’, click on ‘Select’.

Pick the Menu Item Type - click on ‘ConfigBox’ to expand and click on ‘Product Listing’.


After you chose ‘Product Listing’, a dropdown appears beneath the type. Choose your product list there (Demo List 3 in example) and click save. To see the result in ConfigBox - please click on “ConfigBox” link in top right corner.

→ And this is how it will look like in Frontend when Product listing “ Demo List 3” is added to Menu items.

Depending on your Joomla theme your visuals may look different. Click on the menu item and you will see the product list and the products that are assigned to it.