Installation/Upgrade on Joomla

Before you start

Be sure your server meets the server requirements. Be sure to have this covered properly by consulting with your hosting provider’s support desk or your system administrator.

If you upgrade, be sure to check the Breaking Changes page in case you have received Customizations to your ConfigBox installation. More information about Breaking Changes.

Download of installation packages in the ConfigBox Client Center

At the ConfigBox client center ( you download the installation packages for your license.


You will get a file called pkg_configbox-[version].zip which is a Joomla installer meta package.

Note for Safari users: Mind that Safari automatically unzips the zip file after it has downloaded the package - you’ll have to zip the package again or download using a different browser.

Installation on your site using the Joomla Extension Manager

In your Joomla site's administration area, navigate to 'Extensions' → 'Manage' → 'Install', then click the tab 'Upload Package File'.

Upload the package file. Upload and installation may take a few seconds or (depending on your internet and server) minutes.

Note to ConfigBox long time users: The package now installs/upgrades all needed extensions and auto-activates the plugins. There is no more need to install individual packages and deal with plugin activation.

If any error occurs during installation check the troubleshooting section. If you find no solution, please consult your service partner or Rovexo.

Post-Installation Assistant

After installation, navigate to ‘Components’ → ConfigBox and the post-installation assistant will start. It will guide you through basic setup steps.


Customer Group setup

ConfigBox uses customer groups and each customer group is linked to a Joomla user group. During installation, a default customer group gets added and you must choose which Joomla user group it is linked to.

Go to Configbox → Settings -> Customer Groups -> Default Group and choose a Joomla user group at Platform Group (save once if already filled out). Pick one that is allowed to login to the site (not the admin area). If you are unsure, the Joomla default group ‘Registered’ is a good fit.

Double check Joomla group permissions

Navigate to Joomla -> Site -> Global Configuration -> Permissions and be sure that the chosen Joomla group has

  • Permission for ‘Site Login’

  • No permission for ‘Administrator Login’

Done, you are ready to set up your products and make Joomla menu item links to your site.