Server requirements

Note for users: This article has practical information for configuring your server. Be sure to share this article with your system administrator or hosting provider support desk and ask if your hosting solution already covers all or what’s needed to set it up.


Notes about configuration details: As a baseline reference, we set our technical requirements based on the APT packages of the current second-latest Ubuntu LTS release and its default configuration. We recommend using this second-latest Ubuntu LTS and build the stack from its default packages. Alternatively, install and configure a comparable setup.

HTTP Server

  • nginx 1.x or Apache 2.x (see below)

  • Valid TLS certificate installed


  • Default configuration using PHP-FPM or FastCGI as PHP Integration

  • Host configuration as prescribed by your Joomla or Wordpress site


  • Default configuration using PHP-FPM, FastCGI or mod_php as PHP Integration

  • Host configuration as prescribed by your Joomla or Wordpress site

  • Modules: mod_rewrite, mod_headers, mod_expires, mod_deflate, support for .htaccess files in docroot


Version: 5.6 - 7.4 and 8.1


  • php-cli

  • php-common

  • php-fpm

  • php-gd

  • php-json

  • php-bcmath

  • php-mbstring

  • php-mcrypt

  • php-mysql

  • php-opcache

  • php-readline

  • php-soap

  • php-xml

  • php-zip

  • php-curl

  • php-apcu (optional)

  • php-imagick (optional)

Non-standard PHP Extensions

  • ioncube Loader (minimum version 10.2 and minimum 12.0 for PHP 8.1) (configure the PHP-FPM and CLI SAPI). You find the installation guide on (see loader wizard for a guided installation process)

Helpful detail PHP.ini settings

It depends on many factors (consult with your server administrator). We recommend you to propose these settings to your server administrator:

  • max_execution_time: 60s minimum

  • post_max_size: 32MB minimum

  • upload_max_filesize: 32MB minimum

  • memory_limit: 512M minimum

  • max_input_time: 120s minimum


  • MySQL 5.8 - 8.0

  • Barracuda and InnoDB Support