Site integrator checklist

This article helps site integrators to make sensible settings to CDN, server and CMS platform.

Server requirements

See the article for server requirements and be sure to set the server up appropriately.

Caching systems

ConfigBox content is dynamic and user-specific and needs to be served uncached. CDNs normally have settings for respecting cache expiry headers and platform plugins have exclusion lists.

File permissions

ConfigBox has two data directories where it stores customer and store files. On Joomla they are in /components/com_configbox/data/customer and on Wordpress they are in /wp-content/uploads/cb-store-data/ and /wp-content/uploads/cb-customer-data/.

Apart from that, the platform’s log and tmp directories need to be writable.

Joomla/Wordpress URL rewriting extensions

There are various plugins that manipulate SEF-URL generation and may need configuration for each extension. ConfigBox does not support any 3rd party URL rewriting extensions, setup is with the site integrator’s responsibility.

Incompatibilities with 3rd party extensions and themes

Functional and visual impairments are possible due to incompatibilities with extensions and themes. Site integrators are advised to use the styling customisation features of ConfigBox to adapt visual impairments.