Common: Pricing or product visualization does not update


Are Page Caching plugins active on configurator pages?

Page caching plugins like Yot-Cache or JoomlArt T3 Template Caches and others prevent ConfigBox from preparing configurations before displaying the configurator page.

Solution: Deactivate the caching in general or disable it for the component com_configbox.

Do you use a hosting provider that does Full Page Caching?

Hosting providers like WPEngine and Kinsta use a full page cache (ignoring the application's cache control headers entirely). Ask hosting support to set exceptions for any URL that shows a configurator page, cart, checkout, etc (any URL with content that depends on your user's interactions).

Joomla: Admin Tools do not allow direct access to components/com_configbox/configbox.php

There is an extension called Admin Tools that creates restrictions for improved security. You need to set up an exception that allows direct access to the mentioned file (On Joomla, XHR calls in the configurator are made directly to the component for a significant performance boost).

Solution: Go to Components -> Admin Tools -> .htaccess Maker -> Exceptions and add this line to the field ‘Allow direct access, including .php files, to these directories’: components/com_configbox.


IonCube Loader is only active for certain directories

Solution: See the chapter on Installation -> IonCube Loader on how to set up ionCube Loader correctly.