Getting Started

In this guide we show the principle steps to create a configurable ConfigBox product and link it to a Magento product in your catalogue.

Add a ConfigBox Product

Head to Configbox → Products and click ‘Add Product’

Enter a title in any activated language and click save.

Add a page to the product

After saving the product, expand the product on the left-hand-side and click on ‘Add page’.

Add a title for each activated language and click ‘Save’.

Add a Question to the Page

After saving the page, expand the page on the left-hand-side and click on ‘Add Question’.

  • Add a title

  • Choose yes for ‘Does the question have to be answered’

  • Choose ‘As text box’ for ‘How do you want to display the question’

Head to ‘Catalog’ → ‘Products’

Click ‘Add Product' on the top right of the screen.


  • Product Name

  • SKU

  • Price

  • Quantity

  • Choose ‘In Stock’

  • Pick a Category

Scroll down to ‘Customizable Options’ and

  • Click ‘Add Option’

  • Enter an option title

  • For Option Type, choose ‘ConfigBox Configuration’

Once you picked the type, you’ll see a dropdown to choose the ConfigBox product to link to. Pick ‘Test Product’

Note: You cannot add multiple ConfigBox Configuration Option types in one product and we recommend not to mix other Customizable Options with ConfigBox.

Then click ‘Save’ on the top right hand side. Magento may ask you to refresh caches and reindex. Do so if asked for.

See the Magento product in the store front

On the top right corner you see your username, click on it and click on Customer View to see your store front.


Use the site search or any method you see fit to navigate to the ‘Test Product’

The product configuration appears between product title and ‘add to cart’ button.

These are the essential steps to integrate a ConfigBox product to the Magento store. Further steps you may want to take are: