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Go to “Menus – Your Menu” and click “New”, then choose the menu type. ConfigBox offers multiple menu item types with parameters. The most important one is the type “ConfigBox – Product Listing” which will show all your products or a listing of certain products (grouped by product listings).


Menu Types from ConfigBox

  • ConfigBox – Configurator Page
    A link to a configurator page of a product.

  • ConfigBox – Cart
    Link to the ConfigBox shopping cart.

  • ConfigBox – Product Details
    Link to a defined product details page.

  • ConfigBox – Product Listing
    Link to a page that shows all your products or products of a certain listing if defined.

  • Order Management – Refund Policy Page
    Link to the RP as defined in the Shop Data of ConfigBox Order Management.

  • Order Management – Terms and Conditions
    Link to the TOC as defined in the Shop Data.

  • Order Management – Customer Profile Page

  • Order Management – Edit Profile Page

  • Order Management – Login Form (you can also use a standard Joomla login form)

  • Order Management – Register Form (you can also use a standard Joomla registration form)

How SEF URLs are generated

ConfigBox uses the Joomla framework to create SEF URLs. The use of third party tools to manipulate URLs is not supported and we recommend disabling them for ConfigBox pages.